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About wear your own techs-We wanted to showcase the exciting, exhilarating and quite fascinating world of wearable technology. How it has begun to change our world and our lives.
To many of us, the mere thought of wearable technology, seems so far fetched. Almost futuristic, but it’s really not. It is here and now! Actually if you stop and think about it, most of us have already embraced the concept of wearing technology (read more on our History page). Our wrist watches, smartphones, etc, etc. Whether you’re into fitness, a new parent, a new resident of a city, or a tech-loving pet owner, there is wearable technology that fits your lifestyle.

Here at Wear Your Own Techs, we’re sharing reviews about Smart watches, Activity trackers, Heart Monitors  and Petwear  technology. Also sharing about, virtual reality gear that is readily available now and really cool trending wearable technologies. The kind of  stuff that science fiction brought into our collective imaginations. Now, they are on the way to becoming reality or some developers have made them into reality.

For these purposes, we are showcasing products that are readily available on the market today. You can purchase them immediately and enjoy them as soon as you receive them.
Let’s have fun exploring what’s available to us in “Wearable Technologies” and how they can enhance our lives!

Here are some examples of our Showcases of Wearable Technology that is readily available for purchase.

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