Pet Tech

It's not surprising that the world of wearable technology has spilled over into the domain of our most loved family members, our pets!

Since our computers are smaller, more powerful and more efficient than ever. Even, our cell phones, now can do almost as much as a laptop, and there are apps for just about everything under the sun. Our cars have cameras, televisions, Wi-Fi and features that help prevent accidents. As we've showcased, our wrist devices, can measure our heart rate, our pulse, how long we sleep, how much we exercise and how many calories we burn. With all of these advances, it's no wonder that our pet's lives can be enhanced by wearable technologies.

Technology in the pet care market is rapidly changing and evolving. There are many exciting products that are now available and are applying new technologies to advance the care and safety of your Pets.

From using bluetooth technology to keep  your pets safe or GPS to ensure you can keep track of your pet. It's really change how care for our pets. Keeping them safer and healthier longer.

A great example of this new technology being applied is, "invisible fences"  How it works is by, having a buried wire which transmits a harmless radio signal. When your dog approaches the boudary, the signal causes the dog’s collar receiver to deliver a warning beep first. If your dog continues closer to the boundary, the system will issue a mild signal. If your dog continues further, the system will issue a stronger warning, until your dog returns to within the boundary you have set up. You dog will naturally seek to avoid correction, and is content staying within established boundaries. How cool is that! Here are some products, which are available on Amazon right now!