Smart Watches

A simple explanation on "What is a Smart Watch"?

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The most basic explanation on what is a Smart Watch is; a wristwatch with a screen. It's like having a teeny tiny computer strapped to your wrist. Really more like a smartphone! They usually have to be hooked up (bluetooth pairing) to one. Once you've connected a smartwatch to a smartphone, you can choose what notifications you get on your wrist – things like messages, emails, calls and social networks. Many smartwatches can do more than let you know mum's calling, too. Apps might let you control what music is playing on your phone or take a photo remotely. Functionality varies from smartwatch to smartwatch so check before you buy. This why we created smart watch review pages of some popular brands.

Hopefully, our reviews can assist you in making the right choice for you. From their features to the different price points, that are available. Have some fun with your exploration of this wearable technology. Check out our pages!