Samsung Smart Watches

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Classic Gear S2 & Gear S3

Samsung's motto is " Do it all from your wrist" Take and make calls, stream songs, track your fitness, pay without your wallet and leave your phone behind. Samsung Smart watches are also known as the,"Classic Gear S2" & the "Gear S3".

The Samsung Gear S2 has a round face with a stainless steel body that is sleek and slim. You can customize the watch face and it comes with easily inter changeable watch bands. With a simple twist, all essential smartphone apps are available to you. Gently turn the bezel to go through your emails, zoom in on maps or skip a track on your playlist. It also really allows you to take control of your fitness with a cool feature called S health. From monitoring your heart to your daily caffeine vs water intake, along with motivational messages to keep you on track. Use the Samsung Gear application to pair your smartphone with Gear S2. All in all, this smart watch is a real rival to the Apple smart watch and Android wear smart watch. Samsung has definitely learned from it's past and it's competitors. An amazing smart watch, check out the different styles and options below:


The Newer

"Samsung Gear S3"

offers additional features and awesome new looks. It has a longer battery life with GPS. Along with a built in speaker and Mic. It's really about checking them out below: