Valentine’s Day Wear Your Own Techs gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Wear Your Own Techs gift Ideas

Valentine's Day
Wear Your Own Techs gift Ideas for
Her, Him & Both

There are many different explanations of the origins of St. Valentine's day. The history of Valentine's Day is obscure, and further clouded by various fanciful legends. We'll go with the cutiest famous person from Valentine's Day that you may be wondering about is Cupid (Latin cupido, "desire").

Valentine's Day Wear Your Own Techs gift Ideas

In Roman mythology Cupid is the son of Venus, goddess of love. His counterpart in Greek mythology is Eros, god of love. Cupid is often said to be a mischievous boy who goes around wounding both gods and humans with his arrows, causing them to fall in love. Cupid's arrow one could say it's part of the beginnings of Valentine's Day Wear Your Own Techs gift Ideas. Have you been struck this year? Or want to be?

Today, Valentine's Day is one of the major holidays in the U.S. and has become a booming commercial success.
There may be doubts regarding the actual identity of Valentine, but we know that he really existed because archaeologists have recently unearthed a Roman catacomb and an ancient church dedicated to a Saint Valentine.

Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St. Valentine’s Day. It was not until much later, however, that the day became definitively associated with love. During the Middle Ages, it was commonly believed in France and England that February 14 was the beginning of birds’ mating season, which added to the idea that the middle of Valentine’s Day should be a day for romance.

Every February 14, across the United States and in other places around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. February has been the month to celebrate love for a long time, dating way back to the Middle Ages. This year, go the extra mile, celebrate your Love with flowers, candy and a wearable tech gift.
Make wearable tech His, Hers or Both.

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